Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Steering Wheel Radio Controls - Removal and Refitting

How to remove and refit Rover 25 / MG ZR steering wheel radio controls.

Time to complete - 35 minutes

Difficulty - 3 (Due to having to remove the airbag)

Tools/Parts required;
  • Radio Controls (if not already fitted)
  • Phillips head screw driver

Note: Please follow the Battery - Disconnecting, Removing and Refitting guide, however the negative terminal must be removed last. So swap step 1 with step 3, i.e. remove the positive terminal, then the negative one.

After disconnecting the battery, leave the car for at least 10 minutes to allow the circuits to fully discharge. This will prevent the airbag accidentally going off, or the seatbelt pre-tensioners firing. 

Please also follow the Airbag (Driver's) - Removal and refitting then begin with step 1 of this guide.

Only once both of these guides have been followed should you start this guide.

Step 1 - Once the battery has been disconnected and the airbag removed, locate the plastic connector that should have three wires protruding from it (two black, one red). Using a small pointy object push the two black metal pins out of the connector (this may take a while).

Step 2 - Once the wires have been removed, take the Phillips head screw driver and remove the two screws holding the controls to the steering wheel.

Step 3 - After removing the screws, the controls should be free of the steering wheel. A bit of jiggling and angling should see it pop out. Once removed the steering wheel and controls should look like this.

Step 4 - Refitting is just a case of following steps 1 - 3 in reverse. Refitted they should look like this.

Note: Please take note of all instructions for refitting the airbag in the above linked guide, taking particular care to use the correct torque settings and correct procedure for reconnecting the battery.